Cyclopt Solutions

Minimize software development and operations costs

According to the latest Standish group Chaos report, from all software projects running and irrespective the software engineering approach followed, around 20% fail, while more than 50% are delayed and cost more than 1.5 times the inital budget. In another recent study, twenty-six (26) reasons for failure were identified among which, bad (or inefficient) project monitoring is considered the most critical factor.

Even in the case of software houses with a mature software product and a large customer basis, the problem of increased demand for customer support and software update is significant and difficult to tackle. Maintaining (and gradually improving) the quality of their software product to keep up with the technological advancements (e.g.: interoperability with new hardware and software components) and current challenges (e.g. digital security) is of extreme importance for the sustainability of the software product and the company itself. Therefore, fundamental quality assurance is needed for the functionality that brings the most value to customers.

Thus, having a clear view of the whole software lifecycle is of pivotal importance in order to identify problems early and proactively treat threats. Applying the Software development and Operation analytics, as well as Software evolution analytics services that Cyclopt offers allows you to identify quality issues early on, calculate techical debt, functionally test and stress test your product, this way minimizing your development and operation costs. Always in the context of the design choices made and within the operating environment expected.

Know your team skills and potential

The real assets of a sustainable software house are inevitably the people that man it. The appropriate team mix that has the proper skills but also “chemistry” to lead, run and operate a software project is obviously another critical factor that determines project success, challenge, or failure. Software realization entails Dev, Ops, as well as DevOps tasks, and not everyone is fit for every role. Technology competence, Social and Communication skills, Team spirit, Leadeship, Ambition, Proactivity are chararcterestics that team members should have (different people with different skills) in order to bring a project to a successful end. However, assessing these skills is very hard to do, and in most cases it is performed in a retrospective manner.

Applying the Team analytics service allows you to identify the different team roles that people take in the course of a project, as well as assess the activities of team members within the software development and operations process. Through big data analysis we have identified the user activity data and features that are important in order to provide insight into the different team member roles that are essential in software projects, and the performance of the users that act under these roles.

Accredit your software

Building a business over a software product or service is becoming a risky endeavor, with millions of brands struggling for consumer attention, increasing the challenge to compete with well established businesses in the niche. In this environment, brand credibility is a major competitive advantage. Since startups and SMEs are, in most cases, not recognizable brands, testimonials and certifications are important for brand trustworthiness. This would provide them with the appropriate leverage to attract sufficient capital in order to sustain and grow.

The Cyclopt Product analytics service provides companies with the accreditation needed in order to validate their software against the characteristics requested by their client. Each software product is assessed against an ISO/IEC 25010-driven quality model that drills down to measurements of fundamental source code and execution trace properties. Based on big data analysis on software repositories, the Cyclopt models identify the ISO/IEC 25010 features to be examined, and generate the appropriate aggregation weights in order to interpret the different quality characteristics into software merits and advantages.

Know the optimal time-to-market

The need to move rapidly from idea conception to product launch has become imperative, especially in the era of start-ups and minimum viable products that are designed to test product-market fit. Contemporary trends in software design and development dictate agile approaches, with fast feature sprints and, obviously, short time to market. Upon focusing on product-market fit and rapid user growth, software quality and code optimization aspects are inevitably neglected, this way generating technical debt that is acknowledged and documented, however left for later engagement. However, “badly designed” or “wrongly implemented” software can have a repercussion to the viability of the software product: security breaches, halting applications, unsuitable functionality, dysfunctional user interfaces are just some of the usual problems denoting lack of quality control.

One has to know the expected strengths and weaknesses of his/her software product, before deciding to proceed to the launch. The Cyclopt Product analytics andOperations analytics services are what one needs in order to have valuable insight on what to expect from the product version released and plan his/her next steps accordingly.