SW Development analytics

Assess the quality of the source code your team produces!

Instead of trying to squeeze in some time for testing a couple of weeks (which are practically days) before the release of your software product, wouldn’t it be much better if you knew what are the main issues of the source code your team produces as early as the first commit?

Issues related to the maintainability of your source code and the ability to reuse developed components, source code readability, UI/UX usability and security standards adherence/confidentiality are some of the features we extract whenever we perform SW Development analytics. We X-ray scan your source code, trace problems down to the specific line(s) of code and propose solutions on how to improve your software.

SW Operation analytics

Know how your software performs real-time!

Yeap, you designed your software and you are sure it is going to work like a charm. You are sure, right? Are you, really?

The Cyclopt SW Operation analytics service allows you to perfrom dynamic testing of your software, generate various input and control scenarios and check whether you have taken everything into account, or you have just programmed your happy paths. You can perform real-life stress testing, identify security breaches, and assess the reliability of your product. You can even evaluate the scalability or even the time performance of your setup, so that you adjust settings accordingly. 

Product Team analytics

Know the skills of your team members!

Do you know how to best match your team members? Is Mary fit for product owner or should she be assigned head of Operation, instead?

Our Product Team analytics provide you with all the insight you need in order to know how your team is performing on the tasks they have been assigned to. You can easily identify lags and bottelnecks, you can evaluate performance against your benchmark and track real progress, without the need of complicated charts and reports. And, obviously, you can spot the strong points of your team members, in order to form the proper task forces for the job.

Product Feature analytics

Know your software strengths and weaknesss!

Envisaging software that works optimally is one thing, building it is completely different! Anynone that has worked in the software business knows that building the perfect software product simply does not exist. The good news, though, is that we practically never need software to be perfect: we may need it to be secure and reliable but don’t really care about maintainability, or we may need it to have increased usability and UX, but consider scalability as a would-be-nice-to-have feature.

The Cyclopt Product Feature analytics provide you with a clear assessment of your software merits and shortcomings, organized against the ISO-25010 quality standards and characteristics. A Cyclopt certificate that follows a star rating approach is generated, that provides an overall quality indicator as well as quality indicators for reliability, maintainability, portability (adaptability), security, performance (scalability), and usability (user friendliness and experience) of the application. The Cyclopt certificate can be used for accrediting the quality of your software to third parties, if and when needed.

SW Evolution analytics

Measure your technical debt – know when to refactor!

You already know that at some point in the near future you need to refactor your source code, since patch after patch and fix after fix have increased your technical debt and have made your code unreadable and non-maintainable. But, do you know when you should do that?

The SW Evolution analytics provide you with a clear view on when you should refactor your code. Following your commit and release history, we are able to trace how technical debt grows and predict how many releases ahead your source code will become non-maintainable. This way you can plan ahead your team tasks, without failing deadlines and without requiring emergency planning.

SW Lifecycle consulting

Request ad hoc analysis for your business!

Need help in any of the software engineering phases, from requirements elicitation to implementation and operation? Are you not sure on the technology stack to commit to, or the design choices to realize?

We at Cyclopt have long experience in designing, building and operating software of various types and technologies. Having worked on SW projects of all scales, we can probably help you make all those strategic decisions that will lead to the realization of a successful project.