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Assess together both the code and the running website.

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Do you build it your self, for your company or your clients?

We know you are probably an expert, having streamlined into your CI/CD process all the necessary tools to produce a high quality web app. Or perhaps your are not as experienced and you would like to see if what you've build is of high quality.

You can use our Quality as a Service product to benchmark your web app holistically (both static code and dynamic site assessment) and improve it through our recommendations.

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Are you a non tech-savvie manager or do you outsource it?

Wouldn't you like to know if what you are building is of good quality, highly maintainable and following the best practices of modern web application development?

Use Cyclopt's Quality as a Service product and start assessing your web apps today.

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Get started with 4 easy steps

1. Sign in using your GitHub account

2. Add a project by connecting a GitHub repository and declaring a URL

3. Press analyze

4. Checkout your ranking and any recommendations

Main Features

Holistic Approach

Assessment of a web app should not stop at static code analysis or performance monitoring. Measure both static and dynamic quality characteristics of your web app and improve it bothways.


Benchmark you code and your web app against top open source projects and popular websites.

5-star ratings

Comprehensible 5-star ratings with color coding for the various characteristics of your app.


Now for JavaScript and its frameworks. Java coming soon...

How we do it

We use open source tools like: eslint, escomplex, nsp, lighthouse etc in order to measure both static and dynamic aspects of your web app.

For both aspects, we have created benchmark datasets of top open source code projects and top-tier websites and rate each measure according to the benchmark.

We aggregate the results using Cyclopt's quality model methodology built based on the ISO/IEC 25010 standard.

Through the Cyclopt QaaS product you can get ratings from the overall quality down to a line of code that needs fixing.

... and get updates about Cyclopt's releases and content about software quality